Monday, May 02, 2011

American Thinker: The Inconsistent Liberal Mind
And finally, how can we overlook the witch hunt liberals are instigating against the evil oil speculators that they claim are single-handedly driving up the cost of fuel in America? In a desperate bid to divert the nation's attention from the logical consequences of President Obama's war against domestic oil production, the left attacks those who attempt to make money in oil futures by buying low and selling high. They create a patently absurd fantasy that there is a secret room where a handful of evil masterminds sit around cackling like madmen as they play us all like harp strings. But as Columbia Business School finance professor Bob Hodrick explains, "[t]he market is so competitive that that's nonsense. There's no way for everyone to communicate and get together and say, 'we're going to buy and drive up the price.'" Of course not.

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