Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Case of Michael Oppenheimer « NoFrakkingConsensus
Oppenheimer spent more than two decades as the chief scientist for the activist Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).
Warning Signs: Whatever Happened to Global Warming?
The curious thing about global warming was the constant predictions that it would occur in five, ten, twenty, or fifty years. Mother Nature, however, had other plans in mind and, in 1998, the Earth began to demonstrably cool.
NC Media Watch: Numbers, numbers numbers and sheeple do not get it
During the Bush administration the price of oil spiked. The week after Bush removed the moritorium on off shore drilling the price dropped like a rock thrown into a pond. We just need to shut down the EPA, so we can start drilling in the US again, and the price of oil will drop like a rock once more.
Climate change spending at risk of fraud and corruption - Telegraph
Multi-billion pound spending on climate change and carbon markets could be wasted because of significant corruption and fraud, according to charity Transparency International.

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