Friday, May 13, 2011

Gingrich: I know it looked and sounded like I was spooning with Pelosi in that '08 global warming hoax ad, but I was actually debating her

Gingrich Feels the Heat for Appearing in Global Warming Ad With Pelosi -
"Newt does not apologize for trying to persuade his ideological opponents that his conservative solutions are the best solutions," spokesman Rick Tyler said in an email. "His attempt to work with Speaker Pelosi is another testament to Gingrich's willingness to debate his conservative solutions with liberals, in this case Pelosi. As it turned out, Pelosi ... and Gingrich still disagree about how to best protect the environment. But Gingrich will never shy away from debating those on the left on issues like the environment, education and healthcare that they think they own."

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John said...

Just being in the same room with this total out of touch socialist with no sense of propriety or she wouldn't have fleeced the tax payers into giving her sorry ass the rides back in forth on the 757 between D.C. & San Francisco removes all credibility from Gingrich.