Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hamilton College - Commencement 2011 - Keynote Address by Al Gore - html
Today, most of Texas is facing an extreme or, is in the highest category of drought. Last month, of the 242 counties in Texas, 202 of them were on fire simultaneously. Last August, in Russia, the largest drought, followed by the largest fires in their history, resulted in the removal of all the grain from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan from world markets, leading to the historic all-time spike in food prices. These events have been just within the last 12 months.

And the scientists are now in a shift; theoretic saying that, if you ask the question, would these events have occurred in the absence of manmade global warming, the answer is almost certainly no.


Anonymous said...

I laughed. Such events as these have happened throughout recorded history (and before then of course) and such events are completely independent of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. It can be easily demonstrated that there is no correlation whatsoever between droughts, tornadoes, etc. and CO2 concentration.

Major Mike said...

Since Al invented the Internet, he should do as I do when these events occur: Google and find how common they have been historically. I suppose Al and the scientists he mentions are too busy saving the world from man-made global warming to notice the world has done a good job saving itself for millions of years.
Al, the natural negative feedbacks in climate systems have been what have prevented, and will continue to prevent, run-away warming. You need to "look at clouds from both sides now."

LOCKJ said...

Gore has established himself as the king of the Robbers - selling snake oil to get rich? What a joke he has become proving that Hollywood and the Nobel people are suckers for a chicken little story.

Anonymous said...

Gore is a blithering idiot on one hand but a true criminal level shyster on the other. He stands to and is making a fortune off the global warming scam. There is absolutely no reason for him to ever back off his scam as long as the public and the ignorant politicians keep buying hus drivel.

Gore should be sent up for life for knowingly misleading and misinforming the public for over 6 years. He has helped kill 100s of thousands of people by pressing for biofuels.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to respond to a Gore comment and not get angry. He is the anti-scientific leader of the AGW response team. Everything he says can be discounted. There, I did it. I didn't get angry.