Friday, May 27, 2011

Joe Romm straps on his tinfoil hat and imagines a world where all of us are veterans of CO2-induced wars

Memorial Day, 2030 « Climate Progress
The three worst direct impacts to humans from our unsustainable use of energy will, I think, be Dust-Bowlification and sea level rise and ocean poisoning: Hell and High Water.
It is a world not merely of endless regional resource wars around the globe. It is a world with dozens of Darfurs and Pakistani mega-floods, of countless environmental refugees — hundreds of millions by the second half of this century — all clamoring to occupy the parts of the developed world that aren’t flooded or desertified.

In such a world, everyone will ultimately become a veteran, and Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day may fade into obscurity, as people forget about a time when wars were the exception, a time when soldiers were but a small minority of the population.

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Gator said...

Yes, that ass did the same thing for Veteerans Day 2010.