Thursday, June 23, 2011

"the chief architect of the EU's forthcoming multi-annual budget has major doubts over the existence of global warming"

EU Budget Commissioner Questions Global Warming
European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso is apparently unconcerned that the chief architect of the EU's forthcoming multi-annual budget has major doubts over the existence of global warming.

Environmental groups are sounding alarm bells however, warning that EU budget commissioner Janusz Lewandowski's scepticism towards climate change is almost certain to affect his drafting of the crucial EU document which will shape the bloc's policy for years to come (2014-2020).

"There's an emerging point of view, that the thesis about coal energy as the main cause of global warming is highly doubtful," Lewandowski told Polish trade magazine Nowy Przemysl earlier this month.

"Question marks are appearing ever more frequently over global warming itself," added the Polish commissioner, whose country relies on coal for 90 percent of its electricity generation.

A spokesman for Lewandowski confirmed the accuracy of the statements.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness there is someone in the ruddy EU with a bit of sense. It would be nice if they did a bit of proper unbiased research using proper science and unbiased scientists (as they all should be anyway) instead of just believing junk "snake oil" science like the theory that a gas that makes up 4 parts in 10,000 of our atmosphere can somehow let heat energy past once and then thereafter block its passage and re-reflect it. (If such were possible we would find many commercial applications for it.

Anonymous said... last a bit of sense (I hope) coming out of Europe. Panic in the green and alarmist ranks. This guy had better watch his back.

Peter in Dublin

RichieP said...

I assume the chap is Polish so it's hardly surprising he's in effect pushing coal as a viable energy source despite all the cagw tripe. It's about time this happened but I don't intend to hold my breath on the assumption that the EU will suddenly convert to scientific realism.

malcolm said...

Please!please ! Please! Will some Scientist with common sense and authority, convince the New Zealand P.M. and politicians that their E.T.S. legislation is an evil tax which will mainly disadvantage the lower income earners of our society. They have lied to us and brainwashed our children that carbon will destroy our world without obeying their directions. No other country has enacted legislation , despite our mp's declaring they have . when will some rational person come to our aid?