Monday, June 13, 2011

For climate realists, this is what winning looks like: Warmist organization "Focus the Nation" has evidently decided not to focus on global warming

[Via the internet Wayback Machine, here is the "Focus the Nation Resolution" as of March 16, 2007:  Back then, it was all about global warming]
"Global warming poses a serious threat to people and natural systems across the planet. Public and private policy decisions about global warming this decade will have impacts lasting for generations. To focus the nation's attention on this crucial issue, [institution], in conjunction with colleges, universities, and high schools across the country, will organize a symposium about "Global Warming Solutions for America" on or around January 31 2008. On that day, faculty are strongly encouraged to travel with their classes to attend scheduled programs about climate change or to discuss it with their own students. The symposium program committee will work with interested faculty to develop appropriate material for their classes, and to insure that diverse disciplines are represented in symposium panels and workshops."
[Today their "About" page fails to even mention the global warming hoax]
Focus the Nation is a national non-profit headquartered in Portland, Oregon. We believe that building a clean energy economy presents an opportunity to redefine American prosperity and US leadership at the local and international level...
[In today's related article at the New York Times, check out the incredibly unfocused answer by Focus the Nation's executive director]
[Revkin] I get the sense that there’s a metamorphosis under way at Focus the Nation. If so, what’s precipitated this?

[Focus the Nation's executive director, Garett Brennan] For people who want to make the world a better place, we couldn’t have asked for a better time to be alive. It’s almost like we—the twenty- and early thirty-somethings—are coming of age at some weird potluck of every social issue staring us in the face: food insecurity, epic natural disasters, stock market crashes, three wars, droughts worse than the Dust Bowl, banks getting away with robbery, extreme poverty, corporate-purchased elections, rising childhood obesity, rising deficit, salmon run extinctions, flocks of birds dropping out of the sky, college debt surpassing credit card debt, you name it. It’s overwhelming.
Again, very few rabid warmists will ever openly admit that the realists were right about global warming. They'll just start talking about the issue less and less.

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