Monday, June 13, 2011

Global warming hoax promoter can't convince most adults, so now he's trying to brainwash innocent children

Victoria global warming expert turns his attention to the future: youth
Andrew Weaver apologizes for being late for the interview but explains he was giving a lecture to his daughter’s class at Lambrick Park secondary school in Victoria.

“It may be a provocative statement, but I’ll say it anyways: I’m fed up speaking with the stereotypical angry, retired, grey-haired engineer,” explained the University of Victoria professor and global warming guru.

“They’re stuck in their ways and think everything can be fixed and that this is not a big problem.”

Since 1989 Weaver has been studying climate issues and, more recently, trying to get governments to act decisively to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, largely from burning of fossil fuels. He’s now come to the conclusion that the federal government isn’t interested, and that it’s time to concentrate on Canada’s youth — the next generation of leaders.


Jewel said...

You'd think the Aussies would wise up: First with the wild fires. The Greenies wouldn't allow for clearing the brush and for the establishment of fire breaks. Then the floods with sharks swimming up Main street. Dams are out of the question for the Earth Improvement Brigades.

Colin said...

Weaver - a huge embarrassment to Canada

Brian G Valentine said...

I do what I can to speak to schools to tell children, this Al Gore "science" is wrong and there is nothing to believe about it or be afraid of.

Then people like Weaver come along and make it so hard for me!!!

Colin said...

Weaver - a complete embarrassment to Canada and the scientific community

XtnYoda said...

Thanks Tom!

Posted it.

Joseph A Olson said...

As a 'stereotypical retired, grey-haired engineer', I only get ANGRY when Lambrick Park secondary school warm-mongering is force fed to an entire nation. Andy, quit hiding behind your infant and debate REAL scientists. My climate science articles have been crosslinked to thousands of websites in a dozen languages. Mr Weaver cannot educate (fool) anyone beyond junior high school.