Monday, June 13, 2011

Survey: People Getting "Smarter" About Going Green
In the UK, more than 21% of consumers say the grocery store industry is the top protector of the environment.
Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain | Real Science
Never mind that we have had record or near record snow four out of the last five years and that the river is flooding, we have a preconceived notion we have to fit …..
Scripps 2008 : Lake Powell May Run Dry By 2021 | Real Science
The decline in Lake Powell water levels ended in 2004, and the lake is currently gaining more than one foot elevation per day – with record snowpack remaining in the mountains upstream.
Climate Change Paradox - Current CO2 Levels Are Not Of Anthropogenic Origins
Volcanic activity began to rise in mid tenth century, with accelerated increase in frequency about 1865. This would easily explain why there is an increase in atmospheric CO2 levels, and not that anthropogenic CO2 is 17.33 times more influential than natural emissions.

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