Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why hasn't he been removed from his post?: IPCC head Pachauri continues to completely ignore the IPCC "essential" direction on policy neutrality

World off course on climate; renewables vital | Eco-Business
“We’re not on the right track,” [IPCC climate hoax head Pachauri] told the June 13-15 Reuters Energy and Climate Summit in a telephone interview, adding “we are far away from” a path of least cost in slowing global warming.
Pachauri, an Indian citizen, said the outlook was not all gloom if governments designed policies to promote cleaner energies such as wind, solar, geothermal and hydropower.

Stronger policies to promote a shift from fossil fuels “could bring about fairly rapid movement in the right direction … One expects that there could be some kind of snowballing effect,” he said.

“Renewables are already viable in a number of applications,” he said. At some level of promotion such as government regulation, subsidies or feed-in tariffs of minimum prices, a shift from fossil fuels could become self-sustaining.

“It’s essentially a question of policies by which the world starts moving in the right direction,” he said. “We have the means, we have the technologies.”
Flashback: Look at "How authorized spokespersons should represent the IPCC"
How authorized spokespersons should represent the IPCC
The ability of IPCC spokespersons to provide neutral and objective statements that are grounded in the assessments reports and other products adopted by the Panel will be essential to preserving the trust and confidence placed in the IPCC by decision-makers and other key audiences. Authorized spokespersons should act in accordance with the guiding principles that have been set out for IPCC communications, most notably maintaining policy neutrality, scientific balance, and refraining from, or being perceived as advocating or communicating personal views on climate policy while speaking in their official IPCC capacity.


Anonymous said...

The good doctor is completely in line with the IPCC's "Guidance on IPCC Communications Strategy." Specifically:
1) Pachauri is obviously in no way "...advocating or communicating personal views on climate policy...." After all, "We're not on the right track..." on slowing global warming, as well as the other gibberish he spouts, is the IPCC official line. Besides, L'État c'est moi, and he can say whatever he wants.
2) He maintains the total policy neutrality and scientific balance, since he offers us the whole range of tested solutions: "...government regulation, subsidies or feed-in tariffs." Very well balanced indeed.

Did anybody else catch his allusion to my favorite 1970's technological fix? I believe Pachauri has come up with a bargain-basement solution--it'll only cost us six million dollars!

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't he been removed from his post?

To find out, read this:
14 September 2010 - Is The IPCC Endangered By The IAC Report