Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Climate Advocates ‘Out of Touch’ - Energy & Environment Experts
[William O'Keefe] For most of its history until fairly recent times the general pattern for Earth was to be hot with no permanent ice anywhere. The current ice age - ice epoch really - started about forty million years ago, and has ranged from murderously bad to not bad at all. Ice ages tend to wipe out evidence of earlier ice ages, so the further back you go the more sketchy the picture grows, but it appears that we have had at least seventeen severe glacial episodes in the last 2.5 million years or so - the period that coincides with the rise of Homo erectus in Africa followed by modern humans.

In light of this background, assertions by global warming advocates that any extreme weather event is triggered by human-caused global warming appear dangerously out of touch. For these true believers, wet or dry, freeze or fry the cause is always the same and so is the solution—elimination of fossil energy consumption.
What we Don't Know Should Scare Us - Energy & Environment Experts
[Warmist Carl Pope] It's no different than a pot on a stove. If you keep the flame constant, and put a lid on the pot, the spaghetti sauce gets hotter, If it's close to boiling, the currents within it become more violent, and eventually, if you seal the lid adequately it boils over.
Even with the greenhouse gas concentrations of the pre-industrial era, much of the world suffered from extreme weather -- so the pot was already close to boiling over when we first started burning coal.

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