Friday, July 01, 2011

Global Weirding: How Global Warming Will Mean More Cyclones AND Fewer cyclones. | hauntingthelibrary
That’s right, the process of “global weirding” could be seen in the dramatic fall in the number of cyclones. Global warming, you see, leads to more cyclones. And fewer cyclones. It depends on what’s happening at the time. All part of “global weirding”.
At Denier Conference, Heartland Institute President Claims “Fossil Fuel Dependency” is “Not a Problem” | ThinkProgress
The ICCC is the Woodstock of climate change denial. (That is, if Woodstock were held in a windowless hotel ballroom with a couple hundred people — mostly caucasian men over the age of 65.)
“the Melting and Breakdown of Polar Ice Sheets Seems to Be in the Vicinity of a Couple of Degrees Warming” | ThinkProgress
That leaves, somewhat optimistically, perhaps a degree or so of wiggle room.

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