Friday, July 22, 2011

Once again, warmist Peter Gleick thinks you're stupid: When it's cold, it's weather; when it's warm, it's climate

Peter H. Gleick: It's Hotter Than It Used to Be; It's Not as Hot as It's Going to Be
Holy crap it's hot. People, animals, and crops are dying.

But not only is it hot, it's hotter than it used to be. And it's our fault. Welcome to the future of climate change.
It's going to get even hotter. A lot hotter.

Global warming is causing or worsening some of the extreme weather we're seeing.
Flashback: Peter H. Gleick: Climate Fraud and Hypocrisy
[Dec 2010] Deniers argue that comprehensive observational data on the world's changing climate are wrong, but then point to cold weather in this or that location to argue that the world cannot be warming: While the public may not fully understand the difference between climate and weather, or understand how the world could be warming while it's cold outside, most well-known climate deniers fully understand these distinctions -- they just choose to ignore them in order to make false arguments to and score points with the public and gullible policymakers. Cherry-picking selected data that supports a particular point (i.e., it's cold today), while hiding or ignoring more data that points in exactly the opposite direction (i.e., global average temperatures are rising), is bad science and it leads to bad policy. Just last week Glenn Beck pointed to a snowstorm in Minneapolis as proof that global warming isn't happening. He knows better, but his audience may not.

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