Saturday, July 23, 2011

Q&A with meteorologist Paul Gross: The heat wave, climate change and other weather phenomenon
Think it’s been hot? Imagine living through the Great Heat Wave of 1936. It lasted most of that summer throughout the United States with 5,000 people perishing and many crops destroyed.
Gross: We’re not going to minimize this. This is obviously a significant heat wave. But I’ll tell you, Lucy Ann, there is nothing that compares to that heat wave of 1936. I consider that the most significant weather event ever to hit the state of Michigan because it hit the entire state. Here in the Detroit area it was seven consecutive days over one hundred, and it wasn’t just here in the southern part of the state. You go up North to cool off, but areas up North got it as well. Traverse City had five straight days over one hundred. West Branch had six straight days over one hundred. Even up in the Upper Peninsula, Munising had four days over one hundred. That was an extraordinary time with no air conditioning -- we’re talking 1936.
...A scientist told me that in about 75 years, it’s not something that happens overnight, but in about 75 years a Michigan summer is going to feel like what a Missouri summer feels like today. He said that was a conservative estimate.

Lucy Ann: How do we know, though, that this isn’t just what happens throughout history?
Fox Business hosts weather ‘expert’ to claim earth is cooling (Video) - National Political Buzz |
Yesterday Fox Business hosted their own weather “expert” named Joe Bastardi, who actually claimed that the heat wave is not abnormal at all. Joe Bastardi goes on to say that in his opinion the “warming is turning to cooling” across the globe.
Liberals seethe over Turnbull's carbon stance
SENIOR Liberals have accused the frontbencher Malcolm Turnbull of making a ''gratuitous'' and ''unhelpful'' intervention in the carbon tax debate with a speech imploring colleagues to stick with the ''scientific consensus'' on human-induced global warming rather than being seduced by sceptics and dubious pseudo-scientific websites.

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