Saturday, July 23, 2011

Warmist Bill Maher: Remember during that cold snap, when I said global warming should be called climate change? I just re-remembered that it should be called global warming

Twitter / @gecko39: "@naughtyaperez: "29 state ...
"@naughtyaperez: "29 states are under a heat advisory. How far is Al Gore gonna take this #globalwarming hoax?" -Bill Maher" @JimHarris
Bill Maher points out oil industry’s influence in climate change politics | The Raw Story
This video is from HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, as snipped by Mediaite.  [Maher, in January 2011:  "(this has been) wrongly labeled global warming--it should have been called climate change...The East coast, a lot of the country, has had just a horrendous winter...I don't wanna sound condescending to the Republicans when I say do you understand the difference between climate and weather..."]
Bill Maher Slams GOP Climate Change Skeptics: They're "So Stupid They Make Me Question Evolution" (VIDEO)
"These people are so stupid they make me question evolution," Maher said.

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