Friday, July 22, 2011

Warmist Congressman Ackerman provides evidence that the planet is overheating: "Just walk out in the street and your glasses are gonna fog up today; the world is in trouble"

‪Blasting GOP Climate Change Amendment‬‏ - YouTube
At a House Foreign Affairs Committee markup, Congressman Ackerman blasted a Republican amendment, which would defund the Global Climate Change Initiative, because they "believe" climate change is fictitious.  [Ackerman: "650 million dollars is not a lot of money to save the planet"]


Anonymous said...

Glasses fog up for two reasons:
1) it is warm and humid outside and your air-conditioning is set too low, inside, and
2) it is horribly cold outside and your house is hot and humidifed, inside.

Dude, either way you are spending too much of my energy on your personal comfort. This experience says nothing about the world but everything about your wallet and my taxes.

Anonymous said...

How could anyone argue against this comment - the man is a 'master of logic'?

bobbyjo said...

This would be a government program? 650 million? Wanna bet?