Thursday, July 28, 2011

Warmist Randy Olson: Criticizing warmist Newt Gingrich is anti-American

#146) Marc Morano’s Sad Campaign Against the American Spirit of Compromise | The Benshi
To now come after the politicians who got talked into posing for their lame couch commercials is to make a loud statement against the entire notion of political compromise, which at this point really should be considered to be anti-American given our current dire financial straits.

Of all these efforts, I think the crummiest one is to beat his drum over the commercials produced in 2008 by Al Gore’s fumbling  WE campaign. [I think Randy Olson is confusing some other lame non-Gore We campaign with the actual lame Gore We campaign]. Regardless of what the campaign stood for and did or didn’t accomplish (and btw, the PSA on their home page right now is so cliched it looks like it was produced by the makers of “South Park”), the fact is the forced, stilted, unfunny set of commercials they produced featuring political opposites sitting on a couch did symbolize something that is today the most sorely needed commodity in the country — political compromise — as in the willingness for the two sides to come together.
Flashback:  All Wee-Weed Up by Jay Nordlinger - National Review Online
After January 20, dissent will no longer be the highest form of patriotism.” We had heard that a lot during the George W. Bush years: “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” Many on the left thought they were quoting Thomas Jefferson; actually, the words apparently come from Howard Zinn, the contemporary leftist historian. And it’s a dumb thing to say: Certainly, dissent can be a form of patriotism. But the highest? Where does that put what Sergeant York and Audie Murphy did? For that matter, where does that leave George Washington?

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