Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Warmist Schellnhuber: Temperatures may rise 6-8 degrees by the year 2300; sea levels may rise 70 (yes, 70) meters

YouTube - ‪A carbon price label is all-important: Schellnhuber‬‏
Leading climate change expert Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber says progress will be much easier now Australia has put a price signal on carbon emissions.

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DennisA said...

A carbon price is indeed important to him and his fellow advisory board members at Deutsche Bank, Lord John Browne,(ex BP) Lord Oxburgh,(ex Shell) Amory Lovins,(Rocky Mountain Institute), Rajendra Pachauri,(IPCC and Indian Climate Exchange), Robert Socolow, (Carbon Mitigation Initiative, Princeton)and Klaus Töpfer, (former Chief exec of UNEP).

Let's not forget of course the members of the Potsdam Science Advisory Board, Lord Nicholas Stern, of IdeaCarbon, Sir Brian Hoskins of Imperial College Grantham Institute, and Jennifer Morgan of WRI, formerly of WWF.

Vested interest? What's that?