Thursday, July 14, 2011

What makes a scientific expert? Congressional Democrats offer a shocking answer |
Astonishingly, a scientist’s source of funding is what makes him expert, according to the Kerry-Moran bill.
[Why not try to use your toilet to prevent hurricanes?] - Water saving devices in the toilet will help UK fight climate change says Government adviser  - Telegraph
Households should be encouraged to fit nozzles on taps and put water saving devices in the toilet, the Government’s climate change adviser has warned.
Poland Blocks Europe Madness
Let’s hope Poland sticks to its guns and doesn’t cave in to the green suicide energy-pact that is being rammed through in Europe.
Richard Black’s response | ScottishSceptic
Come on Richard. If you ever read this, please just prove you aren’t as stupid as you make out and tell us how Chinese pollution in the 21st century can halt global warming, when the worldwide reduction in pollutants from virtually all industrialised nation has never been credited with causing the apparent warming we saw from 1970-2000 by your like.

Which reminds me of a joke: “why do you find so many global warmists at the top of hills … because they don’t know that there is a path downwards.”

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