Monday, July 25, 2011

With the fate of the planet allegedly at stake, warmist Chris Mooney goes with this strategy: On warm days, tell people that weather is climate; on cool days, tell people that weather *isn't* climate

Chris Mooney | Forget Tornadoes. Lets Talk--Unendingly--About Heat Waves and Global Warming
However, we’ve just experienced a staggering U.S. heat wave (visual here), and that makes it seriously time to talk about the link to climate change, and not shut up any time soon.
What this means is that now—not during the May peak of tornado season—is the time to once again try to rally the public to care about climate change.
That's why summer is always the wtime to talk to the public about global warming, and we need to recognize that other parts of the year probably aren't as good.

And lest you think this too obvious to bear mentioning, never forget: In 2009, the IPCC held an absolutely critical meeting in a snowy December in Copenhagen.
[December 2010: Chris Mooney | Warming and Winter Storming
This common insinuation--that somehow, human-caused climate change is refuted by the perennial occurrence of bad winter weather--puts us scientific rationalists in a bind. The problem is that unlike many denier talking points, there isn’t really even an argument being put forward here that might be refuted. It’s more of a “nyah nyah,” followed by, “I never believed you to begin with, but this time of year, I just feel sorry for you.”

I mean, sure, we can reply by pointing out the distinction between climate and weather. We can further explain why global warming can actually mean more snow because warmer air holds more moisture--something a few brave souls attempt to get across each winter.
Quote by Jack Handey
"Even though he was an enemy of mine, I had to admit that what he had accomplished was a brilliant piece of strategy. First, he punched me, then he kicked me, then he punched me again."


Anonymous said...

Chris Mooney is one of the most deplorable "science writers" that I have come across in my reading.

Anonymous said...

Chris Mooney is a disgusting demagogue!