Monday, August 22, 2011

Climate Secret: NSF Quietly Closes Out Inspector General Investigation with Complete Vindication of Michael Mann | ThinkProgress
NSF Inspector General: “Finding no research misconduct or other matter raised by the various regulations and laws discussed above, this case is closed.”
Giant PR machine swings into gear against the Convoy « JoNova: Science, carbon, climate and tax
The convoy is a rolling protest that involved thousands of people across the nation. In Sydney, people switched their headlights on in sympathy, and Andrew Bolt records at least one witness suggesting half the cars on the road had their lights on.
Ten principles for climate change
In any case, one should take long-term targets, binding or otherwise, with a pinch of salt. In many countries they will be no more realised than the Soviet Union's grandiose five-year economic plans.
Gujji Muthuswamy is a lecturer in carbon pricing in the department of accounting and finance at Monash University.
Lack of methane growth explained? : Stoat
This science stuff is confusing, isn't it?
EcoAlert: Global Warming Affecting Alaskas Walrus Epicenter &Great... - StumbleUpon
"Unless we dramatically reduce our greenhouse emissions, the walrus is on a trajectory toward extinction."

Rebecca Noblin, director of the Center for Biological Diversity.

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