Monday, August 08, 2011

IPCC's Martin Manning ducks debate with Monckton in New Zealand

‪Monckton the Climate Change Skeptic 07/08/11‬‏ - YouTube
[8-minute video; Wellington climate scientist Martin Manning was invited to debate Monckton on this show, but Manning declined] 
Flashback: Prof Condemned for Not Teaching IPCC Reports « NoFrakkingConsensus
Another New Zealand contributor to the IPCC is atmospheric scientist Martin Manning. As head of the Working Group 1 Technical Support Unit for the 2007 edition of the Climate Bible, he was a powerful insider. But I lost a great deal of respect for him after reading an article he authored in Scientific American that rather unscientifically refers to climate models as crystal balls.
‪Brave Sir Robin‬‏ - YouTube
Brave Sir Robin is followed by his favourite minstrels who sing odes to his great brave deeds.

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