Monday, August 08, 2011

July, 1936 [Back when CO2 was at safe levels]: 118 Degrees In Missouri – 311 Deaths In 10 Days | Real Science

1847 : Climate Change In Australia Caused By White Men [I hate it when they do that] | Real Science

Why climate science is corrupt - Wry Heat
“To prove human-caused climate change was happening.” That’s the problem. True scientists would investigate and assess ALL the causes of climate change. The focus of the IPCC and other researchers trying to prove one politically-correct cause to the exclusion of all others resulted in data manipulation, cherry-picking, and attempted exclusion and suppression of contrary data and research papers.

Theories can be supported by evidence, but, no matter how widely they are held, they can never be proven, only disproven by that lone minority voice who just happens to provide the critical piece of evidence. “Climate 1.0″ was not a search for truth, but rather an attempt to provide a defense of one particular tenet of carbon-cult orthodoxy.

According to the story, “Climate 2.0″ will begin with the false conclusion of version one, and with new, more powerful computers, these “scientists” can make their mistakes even faster. Both truth and science will suffer.
PM's top scientist defends sea-rise data | The Australian
Professor Steffen, executive director of the Climate Change Institute at the Australian National University and a member of the Prime Minister's Independent Climate Commission, said not all climate change modelling was reliable.
It’s a Beautiful Day | Climate Nonconformist
Yes, too much heat can kill you as good as too little, but human history has shown us that it’s better to be on the warm side. Just contrast the little ice age and the medieval warm period. Right now, we are at one of the cooler points in the current interglacial, the Holocene and we can’t be more than a couple of thousand years off the next ice age. Let’s not forget the dangers of a climate ten degrees cooler than today, and put things in perspective. Let’s drop this idea that warming can only be bad.

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