Monday, August 08, 2011

Maggie Fox refers to Al Gore as a "prophet"

All Hail Al Gore | Climate Nonconformist
Tim Blair picks up on this from the President and CEO of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, Maggie Fox.

FOX: I think the notion of Vice President Gore as a divisive figure is a bit of a hoax, just like the people who are denying climate change. It’s a pre-frame, it’s a fabrication that suits those who want to keep the status quo. So if you have a prophet, if you have someone who has woken up to a particular challenge in the world and that person speaks, if that disrupts things, who is going to be and what are the voices going to be that say that person doesn’t have credibility? Those voices that don’t want that change … There are so many more voices clamoring to hear what he has to say that his right to speak and need to speak is more than made clear virtually every day.

YOUNG: Did you just refer to him as a prophet?

FOX: I think he is a prophet on climate change. I think he woke up to this issue in his earliest years, expected as other people learned about it that they would also wake up to its significance … His presumption as a young man was that once you heard the information the world would shift and start getting its act together, and that hasn’t happened.


Steve In Tulsa said...

There are no 'climate change' deniers. She just made that up out of thin air and it is a complete lie. That is what leftists do; lie. Everyone knows the climate is ever changing. The argument she wants to make is about Man-caused warming which cannot be demostated to exist. There are no real world observations that prove man-caused warming. There is a ton of evidence of the falsifaction of data by Hansen, Jones, Briffa, Mann, and many others. That is what you get when governments offer to pay for data the proves anything. If the government paid for evedence of Sasquatch then an entire industry would spring up just like the alarmist religion based on man's guilt for existing.


Of course he's a prophet. You can't have a Church of Carbon Come without one.
Although, spelling it "profit" might be more accurate.