Monday, August 01, 2011

Southern Times - Extreme [cold] weather causes chaos in SA
Johannesburg - Extreme weather conditions this week left a trail of chaos and confusion with snowfalls in three South African provinces leaving thousands trapped in their homes, cars and buses as emergency workers battled to reach them.

Major roads were shut in the Eastern Cape, Free State and KwaZulu-Natal after blizzards hit. It took emergency services more than six hours to clear through kilometres of snow and heavy wind to rescue trapped motorists and commuters. Netcare 911 spokesman Chris Botha said no serious injuries were reported.
Businesses remained closed throughout Tuesday after the town was plunged into darkness at the start of the snowfall on Monday. The icy weather brought greater suffering to shack dwellers in the nearby township of Intabazwe.

'We don't have a heater, my roof is leaking, and my children can get sick because we are not warm at night,' said Alina Radebe. Radebe (35) said she could not open the tuckshop she runs from her home because of the weather. 'This means no money for us,' she said.
[Australia desperately needs to hurry up and heal the planet before large economies do so] - The Canberra Times
We can choose to make ourselves relevant in the international debate on climate change by taking effective action to reduce our emissions, or to render ourselves irrelevant by sitting under our tree waiting to see what happens. We are a small economy; we need to be ahead of the curve: If we are not, and large economies do begin to scale up their efforts on emission reduction, we can be sure they will not volunteer to subsidise our recalcitrance; our terms of trade will take a major turn for the worse, possibly even before the worst environmental costs of our inaction arrive. Is this really what we want?

Jim Douglas has worked with the World Bank, United Nations agencies and international environmental organisations on forests and natural resources, and is now a consultant on rainforests and forest carbon. His book on international forest issues was published by Springer in October 2010.
IPCC and Supporters on Treadmill of False Explanations
Years ago Richard Lindzen said consensus was reached about the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) hypothesis before the research began. Proponents were committed to prove instead of disprove the hypothesis, as is the normal practice. Despite their efforts evidence appeared showing it was wrong. Since their agenda was political they worked to counteract and deflect or mislead. They made it up as they went along. They can’t get off the treadmill but it’s speeding up and will shortly throw them off.
Articles: NOAA's Climate Office: Precursor to Cap and Trade?
The current upper echelons of NOAA are remorseless eco-zealots. They are not public servants in that they feel no need to answer to the American people. They have their truth, and it shall be the truth for all, or else. Congress must stick to their guns and not allow this callous cabal to reorganize before the 2012 election.

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