Sunday, August 21, 2011

Warmist Jim Hansen: Fighting carbon dioxide is like fighting for civil rights or something

Jerry Cope: Interview: James Hansen on the Tar Sands Pipeline Protest, the Obama Administration and Intergenerational Justice
JC: As you know over 70 people including our friends Bill McKibben and Gus Speth were arrested yesterday in front of the White House. As always, Bill and the group had repeated discussions with the authorities prior to the action and were assured that this would be "catch and release". As it turns out the National Park Service changed the terms of engagement and are holding everyone (except DC residents) over the weekend to discourage others from participating in the two weeks of protest. Do you think this change of tactic by the National Park Service will be effective in dissuading others from attending?

JH: No. What we are doing to the future of our children, and the other species on the planet, is a clear moral issue. As Albert Einstein said, "thought without action is a crime." Choosing silence and safety is not an option.

Jail threats did not dissuade Martin Luther King -- and intergenerational justice is a moral issue of comparable magnitude to civil rights.
Jerry Cope
In 2004 Jerry was inspired to rededicate his life to working on environmental issues full time. Drawing on his experience in the jewelry industry and jewelry design, in 2006 Jerry began developing eco-friendly sustainable jewelry manufacturing techniques and has designed collections for, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and WorldTrust.
In 2008 Jerry joined Cucoloris Films in Venice, California as Executive Producer of Environmental Projects. Jerry works with Al Gore’s Alliance For Climate Protection,, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society,, Guardians of the Gulf, and the Rain Forest Action Network (RAN). Jerry is a consultant and Producer for Cope is also rumored to work with The Yes Men on occasion. Terry Tempest Williams has called Jerry "a guerrilla journalist." Cope has no objection to that label.

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