Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Climate hoax promoter John Cook wins Eureka Prize

Twitter / @skepticscience: Am blown away, @skepticsci ...
Am blown away, @skepticscience just won Eureka Prize 4 Advancement of Climate Change Knowledge
Flashback: "Un-Skeptical Science" author in line for Eureka prize | Australian Climate Madness
UPDATE: The most ridiculous thing about sites like Skeptical Science is that the agenda dictates everything. Cook completely believes that CO2 is the culprit, and anyone who doesn’t agree is a filthy denier (he believes this so strongly he’s even written a book about it), and so every single article and rebuttal is slanted to achieve that end. Science that confirms his position is treated with respect, science that contradicts it is rubbished and dismissed. It’s pure propaganda.
The Reference Frame: John Cook will receive lots of money for climate propaganda
John Cook, a prolific hardcore crackpot and one of the numerous tiny Internet-based stalking appendices of your humble correspondent will share AUD $240,000 for his climate propaganda
The article also "boasts" that he was recently hired by alarmist U.S. politicians (not scientists, politicians) to optimize their shameful climate fearmongering. To make things worse, he is a contender to win the Australian Museum Eureka Prize which includes $240,000 for the winners. These folks would deserve a few years in prison just for the contamination of Archimedes' famous trademark.

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