Monday, September 19, 2011

New Scientist warmist Catherine Brahic calls Al Gore's latest effort "cringe-worthy"; says he has a "clear agenda"; suggests "Gore's time is over"

CultureLab: Al Gore's underwhelming 24 hours
Catherine Brahic, environment news editor
It was cringe-worthy, quite dull, and sadly not very compelling.
Gore himself was not due to make an appearance at the LSE, but I'd been assured by a press officer that he would be speaking (live!) to London at 6.40pm sharp.
"Al's" intervention was noteworthy only in the excitement it appeared to stir among the London organisers. They were blessed to have him live, his booming voice filling the room like some kind of message from beyond. He was the messiah, and we his waiting disciples.
People want to hear from those they trust, from their neighbours, from their own role models - not from a former US vice-president with a briefcase full of academic honours and a clear agenda.
But I'm still left with the overwhelming feeling that Gore's time is over.
2009: Even Antarctica is now feeling the heat of climate change - Catherine Brahic - New Scientist
It's official: there is nowhere left to hide from global warming. The notion that Antarctica is the last continent not to be heating up because of climate change is dead, according to a new study.

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