Saturday, September 10, 2011

UN chief Ban Ki-moon: "a political formula must be found to ensure that a robust, post-2012 climate regime is agreed upon"

Climate Change Shows Old Model Not Only Dated, but Dangerous, Secretary-General Says at University of Sydney, Warning: ‘We Cannot Burn Our Way to the Future’
We are running out of time. In the first 50 years of this century, the population will increase by 50 per cent and global emissions will need to decrease by 50 per cent. This is what I call the 50–50–50 challenge.
Japan is aiming to create 1.4 million new green jobs. Denmark is moving to be free of fossil fuels by 2050....This is a global race to save the planet. But it is also a race to see which countries and economies will forge the path to creating green sustainable jobs....Moreover, given that the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol expires next year, a political formula must be found to ensure that a robust, post-2012 climate regime is agreed upon, and is not delayed by negotiating gamesmanship.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm let's see.

Multiple financial crises in Euroland, banks technically bankrupt, staggeringly huge debts, out of control deficits. Check.

USA being run by an economic moron who equates gifted use of a teleprompter as proof he is making the right economic moves despite the massive deficits and debt increases. Check.

And Ban Ki-moon (Korean for "head stuck up bum" thinks there will be people who think a post Kyoto treaty on something as goofy as climate change is a critical issue. Check.

When he retires from the UN, Ban can make a fortune on the Stand Up Comedy circuit . . . he's truly gifted.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Ban Ki-moon showing the way ahead.

We need world government now, and Ban is the man to deliver.

Western economies to at last end 3rd world poverty. It will mean the end of western economies - bring it on down, but lets do it - now.

We need to transfer billions to the 3rd world, for adaptation, etc. Lets end the unfairness, UK should immediately transfer £50Bn, and repeat each year. Please support the cause.

Marc Lemming C.Env