Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Communists do something right: Lomborg defunded |
Don’t understand why we shed no tears for Lomborg? Check out “Bjorn Lomborg is Al Gore lite“.

Lomborg tried to walk in the middle of the road — i.e., manmade global warming is real but it’s a low priority (early Lomborg) or we should paint roads white (late Lomborg) — but got run over by a driver in the left lane.
Biomass Land Grab Could Leave Poor Hungry
in many parts of the developing world, poor people have weak or non-existent land rights. If governments choose to lease large areas of land for fuel wood plantations, the IIED warns that many rural communities could lose access to land which they have farmed for generations, and on which their survival depends.
IPCC Predictions (Scenarios) Always Wrong Therefore Science Wrong.
A simple but powerful definition of science is the ability to predict. If your predictions are wrong there is clearly something wrong with your science. The failure, or at best imprecision of weather forecasts, indicate it is not a science. Supporters of “official” climate science, produced by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), tried to distance themselves from this problem by saying that they were two different things. The difficulty is climate is an average of the weather; therefore it can only be as precise as the weather.
NASA Goes Full Stupid About Sea Level | Real Science
They claim that flooding rivers are causing sea level to decline. Had anyone there actually passed pre-school level geography, they might know that rivers flow into the sea and return the water which fell as rain and snow. These same geniuses also claim that glaciers were melting at a record rate in 2010. What sort of drugs are these people smoking?

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