Monday, October 03, 2011

An Economist's Look at Mythical Man-Made Global Warming(AGW)
Once UN largess convinced many respectable scientists that there really was global warming, indeed not to question the AGW theory, the questions scientists asked were what would be the consequences of continued global warming? As day follows night, new disasters loomed every day. There was no shortage of Chicken Littles. The sky was falling, hurricanes were increasing, there were more floods, tsunamis, you-name-it. Republicans became ardent supporters of policies that cost consumers and legitimate businesses literally a total of trillions of dollars world-wide. Economists themselves were not immune. Academia found that any research that they proposed that showed how horrific AGW was quickly financed.
Yes, EPA regs will cost jobs: heavily subsidized, value-destroying jobs | Grist
Americans paying other Americans to sicken and kill them is no way to fight unemployment.
Why is Britain’s best environmentalist barred from the U.S.? | Grist
Stewart was invited to this side of the pond by a coalition of environmental organizations, who had planned for him to speak in six cities across the country. Instead, he was detained for six hours at JFK Airport, then put on a plane back to London. What the hell?
Here's the irony: Stewart and Glass are speaking about their campaign against the environmental impacts of aviation.
George Osborne reveals his true colours on emissions – and they aren't green | Environment |
The fears of green campaigners are being realised: that the Conservative zeal for the environment was a decontamination strategy aimed at swing voters and only truly believed by a few.

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