Wednesday, October 05, 2011

THE END OF AUSTRALIA | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog
Of all the world’s nations, Australia is the “most vulnerable”? To stupid journalism, perhaps.
Australia, always a land of extremes | Climate Nonconformist
And Goodell thinks that droughts and bushfires, as bad as they were, are unnatural. The following are climate events that had they occurred today, would be considered unnatural by the warmist mob.

August 1868: tidal waves strike the NSW coast.
August 1870: mosquito plague in Wagga Wagga.
December 1874: bushfires ruins Christmas celebrations in Windsor.
December 1875: Christmas Eve saw a cyclone on Exmouth Gulf that killed 59 people.
January 1878: cyclone hits Palmerston, damaging “every building”.
March 1878: another cyclone devistates Cairns.
Climate crises: half a millennium ago | Climate Etc.
I was particularly interested in the assessment of the role that vulnerability played in the climate-society: “When a country’s economy and agricultural output didn’t suffer, their populations didn’t either.”
Rolling Stone : Flooding Rivers Are Drying Up In Australia | Real Science
Rainfall in Australia has been well above normal over the past year, and temperatures have been well below normal. There seems to be no limit to the mind-boggling stupidity of climate alarmists.

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