Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Namibia: Police Expose Jobs Scam
ONE man has been arrested and charged with fraud at Otjiwarongo after he was allegedly part of a scam taking money from a number of people and promising them jobs in return.
It is alleged that Kemaandora, and two others, tricked about 20 people into believing that they would get jobs at a non-governmental organisation called Vision Formulation for Science and Climate Change, only to find out that the company never existed.
Review & Outlook: This Air Is Your Air -
U.S. airlines may soon have to choose between violating European or American law.
The EU will say that its directive demonstrates its willingness to take a stand against global warming, never mind that airline CO2, accounts for roughly 3% of industrial emissions globally. The likelier motive is that the EU would like the money, and won't let a few quibbles over sovereignty, efficacy or economy stand in its way. If the message sent this week by the House isn't getting through to Brussels, perhaps the Senate should introduce a companion bill to underline American seriousness.
Brave Souls Introduce Carbon Tax Legislation
9 House Democrats introduced a bill which would create a carbon tax, the Save Our Climate Act (HR 3242).
For some South Florida cities, rising seas will mean rising sewage - Fred Grimm -
Two more feet, said Hollywood City Commissioner Dick Blattner, and his city’s water plant no longer functions. Hollywood’s waste water treatment plant, he said, has 20, maybe 25 years before the projected sea level changes render it useless.
...The warming ocean’s expanding. South Florida, built to 20th Century sea level specifications, can’t simply ignore the water lapping at its infrastructure.

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