Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Nothing to see here: It's probably just a coincidence that bankrupt Solyndra received a massive government loan guarantee, and that its largest stakeholder just happened to be a top Obama bundler who was "welcomed to the White House 16 times over the past two years"

McGurn: Solyndra and a Billionaire's Guilt Trip - WSJ.com
No one has spoken more frankly about guilt than billionaire George Kaiser, whose family nonprofit was Solyndra's largest stakeholder.
...Oil magnate George Kaiser: "There's never before been more money shoved out the government's door in world history."

Now, you might suppose that a billionaire whose wealth comes from the progressive world's two most villainous industries might find himself on the outs with an administration that routinely attacks billionaires, oil companies and bankers. You would, however, be wrong. In fact the record shows that Mr. Kaiser—a top Obama bundler during the last presidential campaign—was welcomed to the White House 16 times over the past two years.

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