Monday, October 10, 2011

Osborne: 'Green' air fares levy is just a tax grab on hard-up households | Mail Online
A controversial ‘green’ levy that adds hundreds of pounds to family holidays is a simple tax grab on hard-pressed households, the Chancellor has admitted.

Air Passenger Duty has been dressed up as an environmental measure designed to discourage air travel.

But in a leaked letter, George Osborne says: ‘APD is fundamentally a revenue raising duty and currently raises around £2.5billion per year.’

Last night one senior aviation figure said: ‘The cat is out of the bag with this admission. It’s a tax grab, pure and simple.’
More facts, less hysteria needed from all sides
It's interesting to read new claims by climate alarmists that snow will disappear in Australia by 2050 when Australia's ski slopes received a 21-year record snowfall this season.

But why let facts get in the way of sensationalism.

Benjamin Smith Annandale
Mini Ice-Age or global warming: why can't they make their minds up? | Mail Online
'Britain heading for Mini-Ice Age!' has elbowed out ‘we are all going to fry!' as the latest doom-laden prediction from the climate scientists.
Miners and manufacturers launch effort to derail carbon tax | Courier Mail
TRADE-exposed miners and manufacturers have launched a last-ditch effort to derail the Gillard Government's carbon tax, warning it would spell billions of dollars in losses, close mines early and wipe out the Australian-made brand.

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