Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Warmist Senator Whitehouse: The global warming hoax is "currently an unpopular topic in this town"; "God's Earth" is allegedly tapping us on the shoulder to warn us of the "very grave peril" of carbon dioxide

Rhode Island Senator Does The Unthinkable: Takes A Strong Public Stand on Climate (Video) : TreeHugger
[Sheldon Whitehouse] Mr. President, I am here to speak about what is currently an unpopular topic in this town. It has become no longer politically correct in certain circles in Washington to speak about climate change or carbon pollution or how carbon pollution is causing our climate to change.
Here in Washington we feel the dark hand of the polluters tapping so many shoulders. And where there is power and money behind that dark hand, therefore, a lot of attention is paid to that little tap on the shoulder. What we overlook is that nature -- God's Earth -- is also tapping us all on the shoulder, with messages we ignore at our peril. We ignore the messages of nature of God's Earthand we ignore the laws of nature of God's Earth at our very grave peril.

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Anonymous said...

What arre these idiors listening to? What is "God's Earth"? And what the h*ll are the signs they are reading?

Warnings? Really? What are the warming?

Pretending stuff and having nothing to point to. They really expect people to eat this up and never ask for any specifics. This is truly religion when you are not allowed to ask questions and, if you do, you will not get answers or at least answers that make any sense or are not lies.