Monday, November 28, 2011

Australian Government Dept unsure of C02 causing warming. « Eyes on Browne

David Murray, Future Fund Chairman, is unsure if CO2 rises before temperature. Holy cow!  A government official doubting the “settled” science of AGW?  This could be the start in Australia of senior government officials backing away from AGW.  He is not convinced there is a problem with human caused global warming.  He does not believe in the extravagant claims of run away warming and sea level rise.  He is concerned about governments around the world making mistakes based on unconfirmed climate change facts.

A response from Jeff Severinghaus on why the trees don’t make good thermometers after 1950 – “I did indeed feel at the time that Mike Mann had not given me a straight answer. “ | Watts Up With That?

Climate Common Sense: Disaster- Global Warming causes smaller tits!

As a retired nurseryman I can say that a one degree increase in temperature will make plants grow faster and larger not smaller and  moving plants to a warmer greenhouse is done for that reason. I don't know why people bother printing this crap.

Durban and the climate change deniers | Praful Bidwai | Comment is free | The Guardian

Carbon trading, based on dubious economics, has become a massive scandal, replete with overgenerous emissions allowances, misreporting and fictitious projects.

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