Friday, November 25, 2011

Climategate 2.0 email – Mike Mann chracterized as “crazy” over MWP and “serious enemy” | Watts Up With That?

Edward Cook tells Phil Jones that Mike Mann is “serious enemy” and “vindictive”. Mike Mann had criticized his work.

Apparently Mann went “a little crazy” over a paper showing the Medeival Warm Period exists.

» ‘You’ve Been Gored’: The Climate Change Fraud - Big Government

 Over the next several weeks, will serialize portions of YOU’VE BEEN GORED.

This video: The Climate Is Not A-Changin’

will give you a taste of what’s to come. It is an anthem for people who’ve had a belly full of Al Gore, elitist hypocrisy and  radical environmentalism.

A Somewhat Late Response to Schneider « Climate Audit

10 years before that email was sent, I was a grad student in economics, planning to do my PhD on carbon taxes. When trying to learn about the physical science issues, one of the first things I read was a 1989 Scientific American article by Schneider. Probably many people first learned about the issue from Schneider’s writings, and over time he had an enormous influence on the way the scientific message was controlled and transmitted to the public and to policymakers. He edited a major journal, wrote UN climate reports, advised governments and generally spoke for his profession for several decades.

That he turns out to have been intensely biased, arrogant and careless with facts matters a great deal.

Last big chill suggests lower climate impact of carbon

Glacial periods are triggered by small changes in the Earth's orbit. These aren't enough by themselves to alter the global climate, but they set off a drop in atmospheric CO2 and an expansion of ice, which reflects sunlight back to space. These feedbacks help the Earth enter a deep chill during glacial periods.

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