Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Durban Climate Change Conference: US refusal to negotiate carbon emissions cuts risks derailing summit - Telegraph

"The message from the science is crystal clear: we have to act now."

A public note for UEA, RC and other advocacy groups « the Air Vent

These emails are actually far worse than the previous batch because we can see the bias in operation through the completeness of numerous conversations, funding discussions, blocked peer review, deletion of emails, promotion of the right kind of people and denial than anything is wrong. It shows the ugly underbelly of a single-minded group of people who have the firm belief that they are right and that it does not matter if data needs to be massaged to prove it. 

Psychology must learn a lesson from fraud case : Nature News & Comment

Sharing data could help to avert scandals like the Diederik Stapel revelations, and improve the quality of research, says Jelte M. Wicherts21.

Electric car ad from 1912

The Columbus Buggy Company once employed 1,000 people in a factory that produced horse-drawn carriages, and at the dawn of the automobile it attempted to make the leap to motorized versions.

ClimateGate FOIA grepper! - Email 4808

[Mike Hulme?] I have followed some email discussion about this amongst concerned paleoclimate experts here at UEA, in the USA and in Oz and NZ and their is overwhelming consensus that the Soon and Baliunas work is just crap science that should never be passed peer review (for a flavour see Mike Mann, Phil Jones and Barrie Pittock below). These paleo-experts have decided it is not worth a formal scientific response since the story has not run that widely in the mass media (although is now used by sceptics of course to undermine good science) and that the science is so poor it is not worth a reply.

Remove the Climategate clouds | Your Letters |

[Ramsay Barrett, Penn State alumnus] I am deeply saddened by the recent events in State College. A culture of cover-up appears to have become embedded at Penn State, and a thorough house cleaning needs to occur now.

A good place to start is for Penn State to reopen the Michael Mann Climategate scandal investigation. This phony whitewash of an investigation was conducted under recently fired Penn State President Graham Spanier’s watch. An all-Penn State group of professors exonerated one of their own while keeping their methods and deliberations secret.

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