Monday, November 28, 2011

More evidence of a dying global warming hoax: Attendance at Durban down 70% from attendance at Copenhagen?

2009: AP’s Seth Borenstein left out in the cold at Copenhagen for 7 hours thanks to U.N. incompetence | Watts Up With That?

With 40,000 people registered and Bella Center’s capacity only 15,000, the U.N. introduced a new quota system and ordered NGOs to cut down their numbers. Police shut down the Bella Center’s subway stop in a bid to ease the congestion. The situation can only get worse as more than 100 heads of state and government, including President Obama, show up this week with their entourages.

Many among the 3,500 accredited journalists worry they may be “locked down” in the press area and kept away from the conference center’s central atrium where delegates, presidents and premiers would circulate.

2011: UN climate boss cries, thanks churches| News24

Over 11 800 delegates from 194 countries have been registered by home affairs to attend the conference.

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Anonymous said...

Less attendees? Of course, Nancy Pelosi showed up at one of the first ones with about half the US congress (the democrat half)