Thursday, November 10, 2011

Prince Charles granted 'he whom cows love' title - Female First

Charles received a three-legged 'olorika' stool and a bead-wrapped knobkerrie [African club] called a rungu, usually given to revered elders and Camilla was presented with three wide flat necklaces adorned with intricate beads.

...[Charles] "I'm enormously grateful for the club you have given me - the stool may have to wait a little bit - but the club will enable me to wage an even fiercer battle against the issues of climate change."

Climate Change Arouses Scientific Curiosity in Mexico - IPS

the coast of the southeastern state of Tabasco is the most vulnerable to the rising sea level, which advanced 3.5 metres in this region between 1995 and 2008.

Chris Mooney | Conservatives Attack and Misunderstand A Book They Haven’t Read…A Book About Flawed Conservative Reasoning

All of this is completely without foundation, and in fact, contradicted by my own book announcement, which discusses the many strengths (as well as weaknesses) of the conservative psychology, and describes the left-right difference as a kind of necessary yin and yang. 

Solar [swindle] cuts spark anger from Berger | The Jewish Chronicle

Synagogues, Jewish charities and youth movements could loses thousands in potential income as a scheme to fund solar panels on Jewish community buildings is jeopardised by a government turn-around.

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