Monday, November 14, 2011

Raging debate inside Richard Muller's head: “we’re getting very steep warming” and "we don't know that it's warming"

The Koch-Funded Scientist Who Came In From The Cold: Muller Warns We're in "Dangerous Realm" of "Very Steep Warming" | ThinkProgress he told MSNBC’s Morning Joe today that “we’re getting very steep warming” and that because “we are dumping enough carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that we’re working in a dangerous realm, I realm where I think, we may really have trouble in the next coming decades.”

Berkeley Physicist's Climate Findings Score Political if Not Scientific Points - Government - The Chronicle of Higher Education

"Right now," he says of the earth as a whole, "we don't know that it's warming. It may be constant, we don't know."

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