Thursday, November 03, 2011

Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog: A New Study on Insured Losses and Climate Change
[new paper] there is no significant trend in insured losses for storm events (Figure 7b), tropical cyclones (Figure 7c) or precipitation-related events (Figure 7d).
So the next time that Munich Re wants to attribute the growing toll of disaster losses to climate change, or you see someone citing Munich Re saying as much, they might be reminded of the Munich Re funded (and peer-reviewed) research which tells quite a different story than that found in press releases.
Cap-and-Cry: California’s Global Warming Program (avoided warming of 0.005°C by 2050 under CARB regulations) — MasterResource
“… the total is 0.00476°C (0.0086°F) of global warming avoided by the California cap-and-trade program for reducing greenhouse gas emissions out to the year 2050. Such numbers strain the limits of detectability within our current observing systems, not to mention environmental significance.”
CO2 emitted by the poor nations and absorbed by the rich. Oh the irony. (And this truth must not be spoken) « JoNova: Science, carbon, climate and tax
Kudos to John O’Sullivan for finding this story; see the note at the end about the extraordinary response his post on this received.
Climatologist and Researcher Heidi Cullen Speaks at ISU -
"2011 has seen an extreme amount of extreme weather and I think the point is not to say that's climate change, but climate change is making our weather more extreme. So one of the things that we need to be sensitive to is how we're going to adapt to this more extreme weather," Cullen says.

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