Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tom Wigley on critical 1990 graph: "what crap. I thought Chris had made it up [from "garbage"] it has come back to haunt us"

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Phil [Jones],

I remember that Figure. When it appeared I thought "what crap". I thought Chris had made it up from mainly Lamb material. We knew well then that Lamb's stuff was garbage -- and, of course, Chris was ignorant of paleo data. The blind being led by the blind -- and now it has come back to haunt us. Poetic justice.

You might recall that I used a very different Figure from Rothlisberger in the Wigley and Kelly paper. This was a good choice in retrospect because it looks much more like Mann et al.

I hate to say this (actually not) but I think I got it right and IPCC got it wrong -- not the first time.

Tom [Wigley]

Flashback: Poor warmists: In 2007, they were trying to figure out what to do about a critical 1990 IPCC graph that looks nothing like the hockey stick

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