Friday, November 25, 2011

Why climategate is a catastrophe for science -

The public has grown weary of being scared into surrendering rights and money

Eyewitness News: S.Africans disregard climate change

A new study suggests many South Africans are nonchalant about the threat posed by global warming.

Second leak of climate emails: Political giants weigh in on bias, scientists bowing to financial pressure from sponsors | Mail Online

  • 5,000 leaked emails reveal scientists deleted evidence that cast doubt on claims climate change was man-made
  • Experts were under orders from US and UK officials to come up with a 'strong message'
  • Critics claim: 'The stink of intellectual corruption is overpowering'
  • Scientist asks, 'What if they find that climate change is a natural fluctuation? They'll kill us all'
  • End Of The Road For Kyoto :: The Market Oracle :: Financial Markets Analysis & Forecasting Free Website

    Europe knows that times have changed since the heady days when Al Gore could demand $100 000 for a 45-minute climate crisis talk and an all-paid Gulfstream jet to transport himself and his clique. At best the EU's 27 member states, plus oil and gas-producing Norway, and maybe two or three other countries would sign up for a second Kyoto period. The impact of this on worlwide emissions and their rate of growth would be so small it would be laughable - and this is now openly admitted by the Commission.

    Twitter / @MichaelEMann: The Daily Mash on #CRUHack ...

    The Daily Mash on : "Leaked climate emails force carbon dioxide to resign" - Senator James Inhofe to Join CFACT's Mission to Debunk Climate Propaganda and Provide Balanced Perspective at UN's COP17 in Durban, South Africa

    WASHINGTON, Nov. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Senator James Inhofe recently met with Representatives of CFACT and invited CFACT to co-sponsor a press conference at COP17, the UN Conference on Climate Change, tentatively scheduled for Monday, December 5th.


    Anonymous said...

    Tom, The same picture appears in todays Daily Telegraph, an article by someone using the name Geoff Lean. I have commented on it, joining the legions of others who have done the same.
    Peter Melia

    Stephen F said...

    "Following on from the original 'climategate' emails of 2009, the new package appears to show systematic suppression of evidence, and even publication of reports that scientists knew to to be based on flawed approaches."

    The problem with that being that sites like the DailyMail thought the original ClimateGate emails showed this.
    Then there were half a dozen investigations, including one by staunch GOP anti-ClimateChange folks, all of which concluded that they didn't.

    This could very well be some Uni student's psych experiment on the limits of memory and the gullibility of conservatives.