Thursday, December 22, 2011

2008 email from Phil Jones: Is he suggesting here that it is the "job" of the skeptics to find errors in climate science?

Email 3915

In a letter to Nature - you could say this is an analysis of the most studied series in climatology. Thousands of people have looked at the data - and no-one has noticed this before!

Aside - If the skeptics had been doing their job properly and didn't start from a biased base, they might have spotted it !!! They start from the premise that the series is wrong. They will be kicking themselves to have missed this. I've always said it is WW2.

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Jay said...

The more I learn about Phil the more difficult it is to respect 'Science'. He acts like an unprincipled douche. He has no sense of his responsibility as a scientist. His calier and amoral attitude to truth in science has tarnished it badly.