Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bummer for alarmists: Cannibal polar bears were "all in pretty good body condition"

Is Global Warming Driving Polar Bears to Cannibalism? | LiveScience

"In general, observations of cannibalism may be consistent with the idea that as bears become more nutritionally stressed due to sea ice loss — which there is evidence for in some parts of the Arctic — they will seek out alternative food sources," Regehr said. "However, the bears [in this study] were all in pretty good body condition. A fat bear wouldn't be very motivated to risk attacking another polar bear just for food. So, we should certainly be cautious in interpreting these observations and remain open to other explanations."

Stirling agreed. "We do not have the information to separate those two possibilities."

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John said...

The empirical counts of polar bears indicate the bear population is increasing. Consequently, unless the range is ALSO expanding, the bears are in closer contact with each other than they would be with a smaller population. Predators of all types defend territory, frequently fighting to the point that lethal injuries are incurred. Bears also consume carrion. QED.