Monday, December 05, 2011

China: Did we say we'd accept binding climate hoax targets? We meant to say we'd NOT accept binding climate hoax targets

Negotiations begin at climate conference –

After a private meeting with the Chinese, the Europeans walked away disappointed, said an EU delegate.

Despite public declarations it would participate in a legally binding agreement in the future, China unequivocally told the EU it would not accept binding targets for itself, said the delegate, speaking on condition of anonymity because negotiations were still in an early phase.

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Faux Science Slayer said...

China does not send their top students to the west to learn Alchemy, Phrenology or CLIMATOLOGY, as all are useless Faux Science. Carbon Climate Forcing is ALL about FORCED Commodity Marketing. Climatology was created with the congenital defect of NO requirements in Thermodynamics or in Electromagnetic Radiation. It was then overtly funded with tax dollars to drown out traditional science opposition. When opposition did arise, the Climatologists split into the Warmist & Luke camps to further monopolize the debate. There is NO magical "back radiation" and Earth's temperature is completely independent of CO2 concentrations beyond the first 100 PPM. A rigorous proof of this is offered in "Atmospheric Absorption by IR Sensitive Molecules" posted here

This is a three sided 'debate' in which the Warmist & Lukes are both WRONG. China is smart enough to figure this FRAUD out.