Thursday, December 15, 2011

Consensus?: Keith Briffa on some alarmist work by James Hansen: "At very quick glance I am dubious"

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date: Wed Apr 30 14:51:13 2008 from: Keith Briffa subject: Re: Hansen's latest to: "Rachel Warren"

Rachel truth is that I HAVE NOT read this - and will try to get to it - but loaded down for a few days with marking. At very quick glance I am dubious


At 14:31 30/04/2008, you wrote:

Keith Have you read the attached (Hansen's latest? - downloaded from his website)? I'd be interested to know if you agree with his palaeoclimatic analysis or not. This analysis uses palaeoclimatic data and fairly simple calculations to show that long term climate sensitivity is 6C (as opposed to short term which he agrees is around 3C). It seems well reasoned to me but then I am not an expert on palaeoclimate ...

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