Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Earth To Fry – Deniers Should Be Burned At The Stake By The Righteous | Real Science

Now, if polemic justice ruled, Nature would invent a way of causing the future firestorm of climate disasters to descend only on the progeny of the deniers, and leave those of the believers unscathed. [Richard C Bartlett]

When the Police Knock on Your Door « NoFrakkingConsensus

    In some quarters the second blog on the list has been confused with my own website – Quite independently of each other, Jeff and I have both been riffing on the NOconsensus meme, but it is his blog that has had the misfortune to attract the attention of the US Justice Department.

    GISS November Anomaly – 0.48C – Well Below Zero Emissions Scenario C | Real Science

    James P.T. Hansen reported last week that climate sensitivity is higher than he used to believe.

    This is fascinating, given that his own reported temperatures are lower than his own zero emissions after the year 2000 Scenario C. He is hoping that his followers are irretrievably stupid and gullible .

    GM Inflates Chevy Volt Stats With Fleet Sales - YouTube

    December 19, 2011- Mark Modica, an Associate Fellow of the National Legal and Policy Center, discusses GM's apparent goosing of Chevy Volt sales figures. Mark is interviewed by Neil Cavuto on the Fox News Channel.

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